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Voice Over and Narration Work

Here's a small collection of narration and voice work that I've done for a few projects around the Internet.  I've been referred to as "the voice of retro gaming" which quite honestly is a moniker that I'm honored to have.  If you're interested in having me narrate a project for you, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Nox Archaist Steam and GOG Trailer

Nox Archaist Patreon Trailer

Ken Williams Sierra Book Advert

Game Over Carrera Kickstarter Trailer

Cheat Happens Aurora Intro Video

Through the Moongate Part 1 Teaser

Through the Moongate Part 2 Teaser

Ready Go Gaming Show: The Pong Wars

Ready Go Gaming Show: The Crash

Ready Go Gaming Show: The 8 Bit Era

You can check out my full (such as it is) collection of videos at my YouTube channel.

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