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Jarrod Kailef's Skill Set


Professional Skills

  • Professional Computer Network Engineer

    • MCSE with decades of hands-on experience supporting small and medium businesses as both a field engineer and project manager​

  • Skilled salesperson and customer relationship manager with excellent closing skills, comfortable with communicating with "C-Level" executives

  • 5 years experience as the head of security of a nightclub

  • Owned and operated a successful martial arts school for over two decades

  • Extremely proficient at negotiating and resolving conflicts in a fashion satisfactory to all involved parties

Hobbyist Skills

  • 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Mi Guk Kwan

  • Skilled drummer and percussionist with thousands of hours of experience playing live on stage

  • Voice over artist with credits on many successful projects

  • Experienced staff writer for Old School Gamer magazine

  • Veteran online community manager (Nox Archaist, Sundog Resurrection, PIF Silvergate)

  • Digital music composer (Shroud of the Avatar)

  • Founder and manager of Epic Rock Radio, a successful online radio station on the air since 2004

  • Near encyclopedic knowledge of 80's era Apple II software

  • Decent at coding/programming but I need more practice

  • System Operator of Sanctum II BBS #1 (Mystic) and #2 (GBBS)

  • Permanently sober: Have never consumed alcohol, smoked, vaped, or used drugs other than over the counter or doctor prescribed

  • I can pretty much do anything, as long as it doesn't require me to have accurate color vision.  :-)

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